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Reconcile recommended invoices
Reconcile recommended invoices
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What is recommended invoice reconciliation?

Let us tell you about it with an example:

🧾 On 1 January you receive a delivery note for 18€.

🧾 On January 8th you receive a delivery note for 15€.

🧾 On January 14th you will receive a delivery note for 10€.

🧾 On 22nd January you receive a £20 delivery note

📄 On 24 January you receive the invoice for the 4 delivery notes for a total of €63.

✨ Since the sum of the amounts of the delivery notes is equal to the total of the invoice, it is recommended to reconcile the documents on the "Reconciliation" page.

Reconcile invoices

  1. Click on ...

    1. "Reconcile" → The invoice is reconciled directly with the documents detected by our algorithm, based on date and amount.

    2. "Advanced reconciliation" → Before reconciling, we check which delivery notes/tickets have been detected by the algorithm and could be reconciled with that invoice.

  2. Click on "Reconciled" to consult the reconciled documents.

Set up recommended reconciliation

  1. Open the user menu.

  2. Click on "👀 Preferences".

  3. In the "Reconciliation" section:

    1. Deactivate / Activate recommended reconciliations.

    2. Set acceptable difference → If the difference between the sum of the delivery notes and the invoice is less than the set amount, we will also recommend them. If the difference is greater, but you want to do the reconciliation, see how to reconcile invoices manually.

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