Automatically upload documents by e-mail

We tell you where to find the email address to send and upload invoices and delivery notes directly to haddock.

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  1. Go to the "📄Documents" page.

  2. Click on "New expense" (documents screen).

  3. Click on "By email".

  4. This screen will open.

    1. To copy the email address where to send the email with the attached documents click on the blue link starting with "document-inbox...".

Have your suppliers send invoices and delivery notes to this address so that they are uploaded directly to haddock.

✨ We recommend that you ask your suppliers to include your email address in copy, so that you also receive the invoices or delivery notes.

b. To send and upload a document: Click on "Open email", your email manager will open with the address you have entered. See how to send the email.

Make sure that the files are in PDF format, we only accept this format. If not, the documents will be uploaded with a format error.

Once you have sent the email with the attached documents:

  1. The documents take approx. 5 minutes to reach haddock.

  2. After this time, you will find them in the "pending" folder.

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