Upload documents in batches

We tell you how to upload all your PDF files at once.

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Batch upload available on computer and for files in PDF format.

  1. Go to "📄Documents" in the side navigation bar.

  2. Click on "New expense" (top right, as indicated in the image).

  3. Click on the "Upload file(s)" option to open the upload screen.

  4. Click on "Search for documents".

  5. Search your computer for the documents you want to upload and select them. Remember that you can only upload PDF files.

    1. Upload without configuration: Click on "Upload file/s".

    2. Add configuration in the next step.

  6. Select the documents.

  7. Click on "settings".

    1. Payment status - Indicates the payment status of the invoice, delivery note or ticket.

    2. Category - Recommended for new suppliers.

    3. Document Type - Recommended if not indicated or not in the correct format.

    4. Incidents - Available by selecting a document. Adds incidents (missing products, bad condition, no discount applied, etc.). For more details on issues, please refer to the article "create purchase issues".

  8. Click on "save".

  9. To apply another configuration repeat from step 6.

  10. Click on "upload file/s".

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