Upload documents with your mobile phone

We tell you how to upload photos of invoices, delivery notes and receipts using the camera on your mobile phone.

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  1. Open haddock on your mobile.

  2. Click on "documents".

  3. Click on the camera symbol.

  4. Take the picture of the document page.

    • 💡 Remember: If the document has 2 or more pages, take a photo for each page and upload them together.

  5. Optional - Enter your settings

    1. Payment status - You can mark the document as paid.

    2. Category - Recommended for new supplier documents.

    3. Document Type - Recommended if the document does not indicate this.

    4. Incidents - Controls supplier purchase incidents (missing products, bad condition, no discounts applied, etc.). See the article "create purchase incidents".

  6. Click on "upload".

Error: "Mixed documents".

Repeat the process to upload the photos of each document with its pages.

If you upload the pages of one document together with the pages of another, it will be rejected as "mixed documents".

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