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Dashboard: General or Real-Time
Dashboard: General or Real-Time

We explain with an example the difference between the two modes of displaying the dashboard: general and real-time.

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In the haddock dashboard, you can view the uploaded information in two modes: general and real-time. In this article we explain:

What information is in each mode

In both modes there is the same information about sales and personnel expenses.

The difference is in the information of invoices, delivery notes and tickets (uploaded or manual):

  • In the GENERAL Dashboard there are the amounts of:

    • Invoices (All)

    • Paid tickets (of which an invoice to reconcile is not received)

  • And in the REAL TIME Dashboard there are the amounts of:

    • Invoices (from suppliers from whom no delivery notes are received)

    • All delivery notes

    • Tickets

📌 Let's put it into practice, we will tell you about it with an example:

📆 On January 1st you receive a delivery note for 18€.

📆 On January 8th you receive a delivery note for 15€.

📆 On January 14th you receive a packing slip for 10€.

📆 On January 22nd you receive a delivery note for 20€.

📆 On January 24th you receive the invoice for the 4 delivery notes for a total of 63€.

🚀 The REAL TIME dashboard helps you to see the day when the expense was generated.

🚀 The GENERAL dashboard gives you the information which day has been paid and, therefore, which day the money has left the cashbox.

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