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Why aren't my products appearing?
Why aren't my products appearing?

Find out the reasons why a product does not appear on haddock.

Updated over a week ago

The product list is created from uploaded documents, product imports or manually- created products. They will be displayed in the following cases:

✨ Products that have been imported via excel or created manually should always appear.
✨Automatically digitized products will be visible if they meet the following conditions:

  • When the document is categorized as Raw Materials, Beverages, Cleaning, Others or Consumables. Thus, products found in documents outside this selection will not appear in the list.

  • When the product is listed on a delivery note. When a supplier gives us delivery notes and invoices, haddock shows the products that appear in the delivery notes per default. In cases where only invoices are delivered, the products of these documents will be shown.

There may be situations where we may want to list the products by invoices instead of delivery notes. We can change the configuration of each supplier to achieve this.

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