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View and download haddock invoices
View and download haddock invoices

In this article we will show you how you can export invoices issued by haddock in PDF format.

Updated over a week ago

🔒 The account owner is the only one allowed to download invoices issued by haddock. This permission can be added to any of the roles with access to haddock.

  1. Click on the name of the restaurant to open the restaurant menu (in the top left corner).

  2. Click on "Configuration".

  3. Scroll down in the "Settings" section until you find "Subscription" and click on "Invoices".

  4. This will open a screen with the billing information.

  5. Go to "Invoice history" (bottom of the page).

  6. Click on the date to open the download page.

  7. Click on "Download invoice" or "Download receipt".

NOTE: Invoices are downloaded in PDF format to the assigned folder on your device (usually the "downloads" folder).

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