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Convert product purchase format to base unit (Kg, L or Ud)
Convert product purchase format to base unit (Kg, L or Ud)

Why and how to convert the purchase format of your products to a base unit of measurement.

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📦 Converting purchase formats (boxes, bottles...) to a base unit of measurement (kilograms, litres...) is essential.

🚚 When working with different suppliers and products, it is common for purchase formats to vary, which can lead to confusion and errors in cost control, scandals and inventories.

Converting all purchase formats to a base unit, allows you to compare prices more accurately, define the quantity of product used in the scandals and control production costs.

Convert purchase format to base unit (Kg, L, Units):

  1. Select the "base unit".

    • Units → Products that are sold or used in dishes by whole units. Eggs, hamburgers, cans of soft drinks, bottles of wine, etc.

    • Kg → Products that are consumed by weight or mass. Pasta, fresh tuna, flour, vegetables, etc.

    • L → Liquid products that are consumed in different quantities. Sauces and broths, keg of beer, wine by the glass, etc.

  2. Enter the quantity of each product

  3. Click on "Save".

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