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Access roles for guest users
Access roles for guest users

All information related to roles and access for guest users to haddock

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These are the access roles:

πŸš€ "Administrator".

Leadership and management roles.

πŸ”‘ Unlimited access to all modules and options.

πŸ”’ Cannot change the haddock subscription

πŸ“„ "Document manager".

Restaurant employees and lower positioned office staff. Intended and recommended for people who will be uploading documents.

πŸ”‘ Permission to upload, view and edit your documents.

πŸ”’ They cannot view documents uploaded by other people in the team.

πŸ”’ No access to view sales information, dashboard, scandals, products ...

πŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ³ "Chef"

Designed and recommended for kitchen staff who perform the creation of recipes for the menu, menus ...

πŸ”‘ With permission to create, view and edit scandals.

πŸ”‘ Access to all product information, suppliers and documents for raw materials, beverages, cleaning and consumables.

πŸ”’ No access to view sales and dashboard information.

πŸ”’ Cannot view documents for supplies, rent, technology ...

πŸ”’ Cannot upload documents

πŸ’Ό Manager

Intended and recommended for the administrator.

πŸ”‘ Have access to view and export all information.

πŸ”’ They cannot upload or modify documents, sales or other information.

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